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Location Independent Working

Welcome to the Location Independent Working resources site at Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.

This site is your portal to the resources available to LIW workers.

CUE LIW Remote Desktop Shortcuts

The .RDP file listed below will, when run, automatically open a Remote Desktop session using the default RDP client installed on the computer. For Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 this is the Remote Desktop Connection client.

* RDP Links

Note: The pre-configured Remote Desktop profile listed above will not automatically open on mobile devices running iOS or Android.

If this is the first time you have used the RDP files on a computer you may be presented with a warning dialogue advising that you are about to share your local disk drive with the remote machine - this allows you to transfer files to and from the terminal server through Windows Explorer.

Note: Choosing to share your drives does not allow other users to access files on your computer - only you have access.

If the first time you received the warning dialogue you choose not to connect and you choose not to receive future warnings you may be unable to access re-directed devices within your remote desktop session. If this applies to you try running the following registry tweak to re-enable the security dialog for the CUE Terminal Server connections ( and

Re-enable local redirection security dialog for CUE Terminal Servers

Note: The zip file contains a registry patch. Download the file to your computer, extract the content and then double click on the .reg file.

If you do not wish to share your local drives you can use the files below instead:
* CUE LIW Remote (No Drive Redirection)
* CUE LIW Remote II (No Drive Redirection)

Note: The second link provides a backup link using a different route to the Terminal Servers through the Internet.

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